Sunday, August 28, 2011

Install paid anDroid applications for free

Applanet is simply the installous app for ur Android. Many users useiPhone but the Android FUN is not behind Google is upgrading its software's and making android great day by day so to make it great u need to access some of the coolest apps available in the market but all PAID so that’s why we have Applanet app for android which will give u access to paid apps for free check its features here .:
Install Paid Android Applications For Free

Access Paid Apps for FREE.

Applanet's massive database contains more than 9,000 Android applicationsYou have access the to latest version of both free and paid applications found in the Android Market and even some you can't and won't have to pay anything! Applanet is your one-stop alternative app market.
Install Paid Android Applications For Free

Familiar Interface

Whether you are a power user or new to Android, Applanet has a familiar interface like the one found in the Android Market. You can view Apps, Games and which of your existing applications of updates available.
Install Paid Android Applications For Free
Share Your Experience Each user has the ability to rate and leave a comment about apps that they have download and installed from Applanet. This could include reasons why you use/enjoy an app, flaws with an app or notify us if the application appears to be out-of-date.


How to use Applanet on Android .:
Using Applanet application on Android is really simple, first download the above Applanet Application now after downloading the above application simply transfer this application to your Android Device and click on it to install it.
Now after you have installed the application in your phone simply fire it up and search the paid application you wanna download that’s it click on install and enjoy the application.
You can download as many Games, Apps, Utilities and much more so have fun and make sure to like and share this post with your friends.


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