Monday, September 19, 2011

How to secure Facebook account

Browsing and communicating is done on a regular basis on Facebook, and spam is spreading like a virus, you click on a link and your credentials are simply transferred to the hackers database, so to secure your Facebook Account it’s a must task now days and you can take many steps to secure it but the one officially given by Facebook Team should be applied right now to be safe on our side.
Now HTTPS is simply applied to make connection between Facebook User and Browser secure, so after you enable the HTTPS cookie stealing technique will simply get useless and you will be safe on the hacking side for some part.

Now applying HTTPS in Facebook is really easy and I will show how its done, so follow the below steps and have fun in a secured way .:
1. Go to and Sign In with your Account.
2. Now after you Sign In, click on Account Settings like below .:

3. Now after you click on Account Settings you will some like below and now click on Security and than Secure Browsing, now simply enable it and than save the changes.
How to Secure Facebook Account with HTTPS Connection
4. Now Secure Browsing is enabled and you are safe for the maximum part, and to be sure that its working now in the URL address bar you will see HTTPS like below .:

5. So you can see the green HTTPS with the Facebook URL, now you are safe and you can enjoy fun with your friends without any tensions.

NOTE .: Now HTTPS does not work everywhere like if you are using any applications than its will automatically become HTTP but as soon as you are back on your HOME than it will secure again, so enjoy this amazing trick to secure your Facebook Account and have fun.


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