Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Get windows 8 developers product key

So we think everybody of you have installed W8...
Recently Microsoft released the Developers preview of Windows 8 operating system. You can download the windows 8 from here, installation is pretty simple and most of the users are not facing any problem during the installation. And yes users do not need to enter a product key during installation.
If you have already installed the operating system, you’d probably noticed that the installation is straightforward and fast. And it has lots of new feature. One among them is the Refresh and Reset feature. With the help os this feature you can reset and refresh their system without loosing files. But at the time of reset windows it will ask you to enter the Windows 8 Product Key.

At MSDN Forum most of the users are asking about the product key that needs to be entered during re installation of Windows 8.
Microsoft responds with the following answer:
If you need to reinstall Windows Developer Preview or use the Reset functionality, you might be asked to enter this product key:
If you’re running a server version of Windows Developer Preview, you can use this product key:
Note: These product keys are only for use with the Windows Developer Preview version of Windows 8.
So here are the Windows 8 Serial keys:-
Windows 8 Developers Preview Product key: 6RH4V-HNTWC-JQKG8-RFR3R-36498
Windows Server 8 Developers Preview product key: 4Y8N3-H7MMW-C76VJ-YD3XV-MBDK


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