Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hide your Files behind a JPEG

1. Gather the file you wish to bind, and the image file, and place them in a folder. For the sake of this demonstration, I will be using C:\Folder 1
-The image will hereby be referred to in all examples as Gizmo.jpg
-The file will hereby be referred to in all examples as geekypedia.txt

2. Add the file/files you will be injecting into the image into a WinRar .rar or .zip. From here on this will be referred to as (secret.rar)

3. Open command prompt by going to Start > Run > cmd

4. In Command Prompt, navigate to the folder where your two files are by typing
cd location [ex: cd C:\Folder]

5. Type [copy /b gizmo.jpg + secret.rar gizmo.jpg] (remove the brackets)

Congrats, as far as anyone viewing is concerned, this file looks like a JPEG, acts like a JPEG, and is a JPEG, yet it now contains your file.

In order to view/extract your file, there are two options that you can take

a) Change the file extension from gizmo.jpg to gizmo.rar, then open and your file is there
b) Leave the file extension as is, right click, open with WinRar and your file is there


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