Friday, September 2, 2011

Install windows XP in 5-10 mins

How to install Windows  xp quickly:

Are you wondering how to conserve a bit of your time by installing Windows  XP a bit faster? If so then let me tell you that in this post I am going to teach you all how to save your 25 minutes in installing windows xp.

To teach you how to install Windows XP in less than 10 Minutes here is the tutorial:
Step 1 :- As soon as you 256 color part is completed you enter the Graphical User Interface (GUI) mode.
Step 2 :- While the Windows XP is setting up and you reach the screen which is shown in the picture Press “Shift + F10”

Press Shift + F10 Now..
Step 3 :- As soon as you will press Shift + F10 you will see “command prompt” screen.
Step 4 :- In that screen type “taskmgr” and press enter.
Step 5 :- Now you will see the Task Manger getting opened.
Step 6 :- In the processes tab of task manager find the process named as “setup.exe”

Step 7 :- Now right click on it and select the priority to “Real time”.
Step 8 :- Now just wait and watch your windows XP getting set up in less than 10 Minutes.
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