Sunday, September 11, 2011

How to use Nokia mobile like a WIFI hotspot

Now you can use your 3G or Mobile Internet on Multiple Computers or Laptops using WI-FI and with your Nokia mobile phone.
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This can be done with the help of  an application called Joikuspot which will automatically convert your phone into a hotspot
Joikuspot has been awarded the Best Application by nokia in 2010.
Its Both free as well as premium version of Joikuspot available.The premium Version cost Eur 9.00.
Features of free version of Joikuspot:
1) With the free Edition your phone turns into an open WiFi HotSpot with basic internet protocol support.
2) New simple WiFi Tethering UI connects your laptop or iPad to internet via your phone HotSpot with a click
3) The Light version is 100% FREE with no time limitations. No obligations to get the commercial Premium Ed.

Download Joikuspot

Note :  List of the Mobile Phones Supported by Joikuspot
N8, E7, C6-01, C7, E51, E52, E55, E60, E61, E61i, E63, E65, E66, E71, E72, E73, E75, E90, N78, N79, N80, N81, N81 8GB, N82, N85, N86, N91, N93, N93i, N95, N95 8GB, N95 Americas, N95 8GB Americas, N96, N97, N97 Mini, 5530 XpressMusic, 5630 XpressMusic, 5730 XpressMusic, 5800 XpressMusic, C5-03, C6, E5, X5, X6, 6710 Navigator, 8800 Erdos, E6, X7


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