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10 essential softwares that made our life easier

software’s and apps sans

Computer and several applications, programs and software items have entirely changed the world over the years. On the course of time, the world has become more social and interactive thanks to the amazing developments in communication technologies shouldered by the computers and internet. Microsoft, Apple, Google and many other technology companies occasionally rolled out incredible products that rallied us into a state we presently are. Here are ten essential software items and apps that alerted the way we observe the world at this point of time.

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Google Chrome, The web browser
Google Chrome is the most up-to-date web browser we have on our computer. Google has designed its groundbreaking web browser with great performance, simplicity and efficiency. Chrome is an ultimate web browser solution and it beats all of its competitors including Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox with some cutting edge features. You have amazing facilities to search, email, shop, bank, watch videos, surf images, and read news on Chrome browser. The popular Web Store brings you the JavaScript versions of your favorite games and applications on Chrome.
2. iTunes


iTunes apps for entertainment
iTunes is Apple’s one-stop media and file management software. It is the software you have to use to tether your iDevice with your Mac or PC. It is the software you have to use to subscribe and download music and apps for your iOS devices. After the introduction of Apple iCloud, iTunes has more significance among Apple product users. The currently available version of the software is iTunes 10.4; the new version iTunes 10.5 is around the corner.
3. Skype


Skype Experience Skype like never before,
with Skype for iPad
Skype is the most outstanding video calling, instant messaging and VoIP service in the world. There is actually no competitor to Skype for the time being. You can make free video calls and instant messaging with your friends on Skype. In addition, you cane make VoIP calls and send text messages to landlines and mobile phones for cheap prices. After the smartphone and tablet revolution, Skype has obtained more traction among people, who often prefer the software to make calls. Skype is largely used as an enterprise communication tool across the globe.
4. Microsoft Calculator

Microsoft Calculator

Microsoft Calculator, a calculation application included in all versions
There may be no more Windows PC users who have not used Microsoft Calculator. It is an application that comes bundled with every version of Windows OS, and it is without any changes since Windows 95. The default position of Microsoft Calculator is in the Accessories in the Start Menu. The Microsoft Calculator is meant to perform basic arithmetic tasks with an on-screen calculator. You can rely on this to do all your basic arithmetic tasks like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and the calculator shows 32 digits.
5. Google Docs and Spreadsheets

Google Docs and Spreadsheets

Google Docs and Spreadsheets, for essential records
Google Docs and Spreadsheets are result of Google’s intelligent use of the concept of cloud computing. Moreover, these cloud-based programs are launched by Google to hone its battle against Microsoft Office package. Google Docs is an alternative for MS Office Word and Spreadsheets for MS Office Excel. The difference is that when you use Google Docs your data are automatically stored on the cloud servers of Google. It helps you access the much-wanted office data from anywhere in the world and from any device.
6. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop a graphics editing program developed and published by Adobe Systems
Adobe Photoshop is the world’s premier photo editing software. A lion’s share of graphic designers relies upon this product from Adobe Systems for commercial bitmap and image manipulation. Interestingly, the very word “Photoshop” is now widely used to refer to a manipulated image in the technology world. The latest version Adobe Photoshop CS4 is available for grabs at $999. There is a $199 student license to use Adobe Photoshop, of course, an unchallenged photo editing tool.
7. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office, a popular set of interrelated desktop applications, servers and services.
Microsoft Office is an office suite of software items from Microsoft, the Windows OS developer. Microsoft Office suite that currently includes Word, Excel, Spreadsheet, Outlook, OneNote, PowerPoint, Publisher, and many more, is also available on Mac OS. Actually, Microsoft initially launched its Office package on Mac OS in 1989, and it appeared on Windows PCs in 1990. Microsoft Office may one of top programs that made our office work this much easy, accessible and superb.
8. Gmail


Gmail, Google’s approach to email
Gmail or Google mail is Google’s email solution. Since its public release in 2007, Gmail has been the doubtless email solution of millions of Internet users. Gmail is a free and advertising supported mail service and you can use it via secure webmail, POP3 or IMAP protocols. Gmail has been in beta mode until 2009 July. It now offers unlimited space for storage, and great facilitates for composing and sending mails.
9. BitTorrent client

BitTorrent client

BitTorrent client, is iconic and packed with features
BitTorrent is a leading peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing protocol. You can transfer large amount of data on the web using BitTorrent, designed by programmer Bram Cohen in 2001. The software can be used to reduce the server and network impact in distributing multitude of files on the web. Sharing texts, images and video clips is a task-free job with BitTorrent. The service has millions of users and it recorded roughly 43 percent to 70 percent of all Internet traffic as of February 2009 depending on geographical location.
10. Facebook


Facebook, a social utility that helps people communicate more efficiently with their friends, family and coworkers.
Facebook is the world’s top social media portal. Officially more than 600 million and unofficially more than 750 million people are using Facebook to share their statuses, images, links and video clips. Started by the Stanford university pass-out Marc Zuckerberg in 2004, Facebook is a $4 billion company now; Facebook is looking to go public next year. Facebook has terribly changed how people use Internet and make communications these days.


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