Saturday, October 22, 2011

77 must know features of windows 7

If you a new user of Windows 7 and like to improve your knowledge upto expert level, here a set of 77 Features of Windows 7 that everyone should know about. This 77 features also very helpful to any IT Professional.

This downloadable handy educational ebook contains all 77 from all necessary features you must know and Hotkey and keyboard Shortcuts to enhance you working on system. This ebook guide you with all enough details and images to understand all features easily.

Windows 7 builds on Windows Vista's positives and eliminates many of the negatives. It adds new functionality, is less resource-hungry, and starts and shuts down noticeably faster. Whether you're upgrading from Vista or moving up from Windows XP, these 77 tips and tricks, along with other new and enhanced features, deliver improved performance and productivity, better troubleshooting, stronger security, and a whole lot more. This useful e-book in pdf format created by Mark Mizrahi, a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) at Global Knowledge, known for Worldwide IT & Business Training.


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