Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Edit your pictures in professional style

Now you can edit Photos easily like a professional, for this you have to select the task from the AdaptableGIMP app. Want to remove red eye from a photo or adding drop shadows to text? There’s a TaskSet for that.
So here are the steps which will help you to create a Task in AdaptableGIMP and edit photos easily like a pro:-
Step 1. In the AdaptableGIMP toolbox, select Create a New Task Set.

Step 2. Enter a name of your task set and a short description of about it.

Step 3. Select some commands to include in your task set. Highlight commands in the Available Commands area on the left, and click Add to add them to your task set. Commands can be filtered by entering keyword into the Filter by name box, or by selecting filters on the left.

Commands can be reordered or removed using the buttons below the Taskset Commands area.

Optionally, enter a description to start the wiki page for the task set.

Step 4. Click the Save Changes button. A wiki page will be created for your task set, and the task set will be added to the Your Task Sets dropdown in your AdaptableGIMP toolbox.


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