Thursday, October 27, 2011

How to add a background to your pendrive

Hello friends! today we have tutorial in store for you, its an old but very amazing trick. So here it is placing a background image to your pen-drives, here image can be anything your photo or wallpaper. This trick works on windows XP.

All you need to do is just copy this code into a notepad file:


VeBRA sources – don’t delete the tag above, it’s there for XXXXX purposes -


Here you need to be careful the
  • IconArea_Image
  • IconArea_Text                             
 in these two fields change the double quotes before you saveas the file with the name as desktop.ini

Clear Information on above code :
  1. Find this line IconArea_Image="YourPictureName.jpg"
  2. Remove YourPictureName.jpg  with your photo or wallpaper
  3. But the extension is very very important, as your photo.jpg or bmp or any other.
  4. If the extension you entered is wrong this trick will not work for you
  5. Finally put  both your notepad file (i.e) desktop.ini and your picture in Pendrive.
  6. Make  “desktop.ini” and your chosen picture in your USB Drive Hidden for not appearing to others
  7. Now just refresh WOWWW you got it!
  8. It will also works on C, D, E, F like our Hard disk drives also                          
You can also make yours own icon for your pendrives just you need to create an icon file of yours an make a "autorun.inf" file. For this copy the below text in the notepad and save it with ."autorun.inf" name.

Change the youriconname.ico with yours icon file name.and its done.

Or simply download the files from here.


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