Sunday, October 30, 2011

Speedup ur PC's Startup with Startup Faster

Startup Faster makes your computer boot faster by launching your start-up applications one at a time rather than attempting to launch them all at once. As you may know, sometimes there are more than 30 programs launched by Windows at the same time, which causes Windows to boot up very slowly. With Startup Faster you can fully control how quickly programs launch and how they launch. It also includes a start-up manager, so you can take full control of the start-up programs and enable, disable, or permanently delete them.
Advanced Features I Like Include:

1) Startup Faster supports command line switches (it imports startup items perfectly). E.g., "C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe" /background

2) Monitors new startup items and imports them automatically into Startup Faster

3) If a program insists on placing another startup item every time it runs, startup faster will recognize this without duplicating startup items (i.e., it will delete the duplicate).

4) You can restore startup items to their original locations, if needed

5) Startup Faster creates a hidden folder in the Startup Folders to hold the startup items under it's control.

6) Imports startup items from the Startup folders AND the Run sections in the registry.

7) You can change the order that startup items run. By doing this, you can change the order that icons appear in your tray.

8) You can disable or enable individual startup items as needed.


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