Monday, October 10, 2011

Top 7 Windows 8 metro themes

All of You Enjoying Windows 8 Developer Preview or not???
If not Then download it...
Now For All Free Themes of  Windows 8 are available. So you can run them easily on your windows. So select your favorite Windows 8 Metro Themes from the below list and install in your windows as per instructions given below.

1. Blue Windows 8 Metro Theme [Download]

2. Black Windows 8 Metro Theme [Download]

3. Purple Windows 8 Metro Theme [Download]

4. Windows 8 Dark Metro Theme [Download]

5. Gold Windows 8 Metro Theme [Download]

6. Blue Metro Theme [Download]

7. Darker Blue Windows 8 Metro Theme [Download]

Run takeownership.bat as administrator (Right click Run as Administrator) and then navigate to C:\Windows\System32\ and rename uxtheme.dll to uxtheme.dll.old and shsxs.dll to shsxs.dll.old

Copy the included uxtheme.dll and shsxs.dll into System32

Reboot and enjoy!

To uninstall run uninstall.bat as administrator

Note the uxtheme.dll.backup and shsxs.dll.backup in System32 are for the uninstaller, don't delete them.


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