Saturday, November 26, 2011

Download the new Internet Explorer 10

So now Microsoft has come up with the new Internet Explorer 10
IE 10 is available for all now with amazing features.
IE 10 is of course the latest future internet browser which has already appeared in Windows 8.
IE 9 doesn’t include spell-checking. But because IE 10 will be the version of IE bundled with Windows 8, which will be optimized for touch input, spell checking is no longer taking a back seat.
The people at MICROSOFT does know when to hit the market with their product. Though the product is not officially launched its developers preview is available for download, check it out and give your feedback.

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Features of Internet Explorer 10 :

It contain new and unbelievable features. Some of them important ones are listed below :

  • Better Performance
  • Low Memory Consuming
  • Automatic Spelling Checking
  • Now allows HTML5
  • In built in Windows 8 operating system :)
  • Now allows plugins and add ons
  • Resume Support downloading
  • Better and faster downloading acceleration
  • Better Browsing Speed
Funny and lovely things in IE 10 :


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