Wednesday, November 23, 2011

History behind apple logo

History behind Apple logo...
In 21st Century after listening Apple word we don't think about fruit, Our mind take us to the whole new world of technology Apple corporation. Really Steve Jobs had done a great job.
The question in mind is how they suggested their company logo.......Obviously it is a hard task for every company to choose that logo which impress public.

The first logo was
The Newton Crest 1976-1976:
 The first logo was designed in 1976 by Ronald Wayne,sometimes referred as third co-founder of Apple company. The logo depicts Newton sitting under a tree, an apple coming on his head.

The Rainbow logo 1976-1998 :
The above logo was only for one year for Apple company. Now Steve decided to change it and he took help of Graphic designer Rob Janoff.
Rob Janoff had come in Apple with an iconic design and with great idea. He made a design which became recognizable corporate logo in history.
We see a bite in Apple logo that funny thing was output of Rob's mind. He made a bite in Apple logo so that people think it is an Apple not a Tomato.

He made a colorful logo with green color on its top. Multicolored logo was for 22 years.Now Steve Jobs want to remove its colorful strips. So he decided to change it.
The third and Present logo is

The Monochrome Logo 1998-Present :
 Steve Jobs want simplicity in their products.So he changed multicolored logo to one single color logo. The design was same as previous because Apple logo was universally recognizable.
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Apple launched its new iconic symbol with i mac. This symbol is a bench-mark for other companies that how a single logo become the symbol of Excellence.


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