Monday, November 28, 2011

How to download torrents on your mobiles

In this Article we are going to explain how to download torrent files on your mobile. There are torrent Software For Different Phones available...
Some people know about this but some are still unaware so this post are for those people.

 (1) SymTorrent:((For Symbian OS)):

This Torrent Software is for Symbian OS (NOKIA) Phones..
This Software is Free and Easy to use...
You Can Start Downloading Using Browser...
Resuming Capabiliy Makes It More Effective And More Useful For Us.
                                   Download This Software From Below.....

(2) MobTorrent:((For Java ME Phones)):

(a) Support All Java ME Phones Like S40 And Nokia 6500...
(b) Support Resume Capability
                                                    Downolad This Software From Below...

(3) Is Drive:((For iPHONE)

(a) This Software is For iPhone,iPad,iPods...
(b) This Software Cost $4.99...
                                                       Download This Software From Below
                                                                           Is Drive
(4) Transdoid:((For Android):

(a) Supports all Client like mTorrent, rTorrent, BitTorrent..
(b) All Features.
                                                       Download This Software From Below..

(5)Win Mobile Torrent:((For Window Phones)):

(a) This Software is For Window Mobile Phones..
(b) Having Features Of Resume Downloading..
                                                        Download This Software is From Below..
                                                                     Win Mobile Torrent 


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