Saturday, December 10, 2011

Nine reasons why IOS is behind Windows Mango

Apple IOS 5 is the latest version of OS for Apple Products. It is no doubt that Apple is a great company and It is having its mobile OS IOS 5.Which might be the most amazing OS because of a lot of apps and in Many other features. There was not competitor for IOS from a lot of time but Now Microsoft tries to be head to head to Apple with its OS mango which is better than the IOS in some cases. We still can not verify that Mango is better then IOS after all IOS belongs to a company which always tries to be different and there is more apps on the INTERNET for IOS than Mango but here is some points where apple Fails to stand in front of Mango. Following are the Ways where Mango Is better than IOS

Live tiles for Mango
                                         Mango is having a live tiles option which is same as widgets in Androids but the Difference is, In android widgets sucks your phones battery but in Mango it is really amazing feature. It can show your facebook updates to you on your home screen. This is some kind of different thing and it is quite good also. But IOS is not having any of there features.

Contact profile of Mango
In the Mango’s contact profile it shows each and every thing about Person in the same place. Such as information about Calls, SMS, Chat, E-mail, voice-mails, face-book, twitter are kept at the same place and are stored in a ordered manner and shown in a user friendly way which is better then IOS.

Built in Apps Like Image search or Bar-code scanner
Mango comes with built in apps Of scanning images and bar-codes to get the prices. Although we are having the same feature in IOS but we have to use Apps but In mango It is built in.

Social Networking
Mango is having a better integration of social networking sites. It is easy to share with mango then IOS.

Multitasking In mango is good
                                             When you see the used apps in apple it only shows the app Icon which is not enough for you to tell what were you doing but in mango it keeps the actual screen shots of the App which is really helpful.

Native Facebook Chat
Mango is having a native facebook chat option which is really a amazing Feature to Chat your online friends when you are online on facebook.

Built in Support office documents
We are talking about Microsoft so how can we forget Microsoft’s document editing tool. It is having a good integration. While in IOS you have to buy application to do the same thing.

Apps Pinning is the amazing feature
You can pin any part of the app so that you can get an easy access to that task. E.g. in case of facebook you can pin message, events etc. to get the instant access.

Battery life
We all knows that apple’s IOS 5 is having battery sucking problem although they are trying to make good but in some phones problems is still there. But on the other had Windows OS is known for its battery OS is having a excellent resource of power management. That why windows Phones are still with a single Core processor.
These are some places where Mango wins in front of IOS.
The above criteria is just according to us.


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