Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How to create your Facebook timeline's movie and share it

Timeline Movie Maker allows you to create a gorgeous short movie from your Facebook photos and activity. To create a movie, simply click the Make Your Movie button. Your movie will be created in only a few minutes, after which it will be played automatically. You will be able to hear a music track and watch the a video montage of your Facebook timeline streams. Once the movie has been created, you can customize it by changing the tracks and replacing photos. Once done with the changes, click Remake Your Movie.
To start off, simply click the Make Your Movie button. An app permission window will be displayed. Click the Log in with Facebook button, and the app will automatically start creating your movie.
Timeline movie maker
As the movie is created, you will be able to see the progress bar and the photos that the app uses.
making your movie
Timeline Movie Maker automatically parses your Timeline profile to create a 55-second movie from all events and memories. Shortly thereafter, the video will start playing, showing you photographs and videos from your Timeline.
If you like the movie click Share to post it to Facebook or click Replay to watch it again. You will find five different sound tracks for the movie, including Original, Nostalgic, Cinematic, Romantic and Playful. Click the tiny play buttons to listen to the music, and select the one you like most. Moreover, replace photos by clicking them. Every time you click a photo, a new one appears, and you may keep clicking until you get a photo that you like. Once done, click Remake, and a new movie with a collection of different pictures will instantly be created.
remake movie
During our testing, the app had a few issues, in that it did not work on Firefox and Internet Explorer. Timeline Movie Maker is a fun web application that highlights the special moments of your life, and definitely deserves a try.


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