Monday, July 16, 2012

Download Connectify pro 3.5 with license key

Hello guys what will you do if you do not have a Router installed at your home and the Laptop/ PC is being used by someone, ahhhh... worse situation right. No problem with Connectify you can share the same internet connection on other laptops or mobiles or tablets. Just install the software on the PC connected with INTERNET and you are done, its as simple as that.

How ever this topic has been discussed on our blog already a long ago but still some geeks are still unaware.
And the people who already knew it they also have something here as today we are giving away the latest version with License key.

New Features as of v3.5:
  • New Power Management Software to Fix Hosted Network Errors: Based on our work with Microsoft, it appears that we have found and worked around the underlying Windows bugs that cause the dreaded “Hosted Network” error messages when a computer comes out of sleep or hibernation.  This release includes a significant rework of Connectify Hotspot’s handling of power management in order to avoid such issues.
  • Enhanced Local Access Firewall Controls:  We moved the handling of the Connectify Firewall Settings into our driver in the Windows kernel.  This means that this traffic is now handled much faster, with less CPU usage.
  • Recognize More AntiVirus: Connectify’s Troubleshooter now recognizes Avast, Avira, and VIPRE security software packages, and points users to support articles on how to properly configure them, in case of technical issues.


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