Sunday, December 30, 2012

BitDefender Antivirus free for home users

Hey we all love things that are free right, So people at Bitdefender thought about people like us and decided to provide their software for free of cost. Yes you read it correctly "FREE", they are giving thier software for free just you have to create an account and you can use it. Despite being free it has all the key features such as Real-time Shield that constantly protects the system in background, Active Virus Control for heuristics-based protection against threats that haven’t been discovered yet, Intrusion Detection system for protection against online threats for applications that connect to the internet or local network, Anti-rootkit to scan hidden malware that would otherwise allow hackers to get access to your computer, HTTP scanning for the internet links you access yourself to keep you safe from online scams and phishing attempts, the B-Have engine that analyzes apps for currently unknown threats by monitoring their behavior in a sandboxed environment and automatically quarntining or deleting them if threats are found.
Another amazing feature is virus database is continuously updated so we don't have to be worried for that.

Light. Automatic.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition uses an intelligent mechanism which can automatically take the optimum decisions to keep the defense levels high, in a manner that also avoids slowdowns.

  • Early Boot Scanning - This technology ensures that the system is being scanned at boot time as soon as all critical services are loaded. The scope of early boot is to improve virus detection at system startup, while improving boot time also.
  • Auto Scan - This technology offers a huge save in time and effort spent on scanning, by avoiding redundant actions and focusing efforts only on risky areas. Auto Scan uses confidential rules, proprietary to Bitdefender.


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