Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A tabbed interface for Microsoft Office

Hey guys this is Jane Gomez, a new author on geekypedia, being a geek myself I hope to deliver some good posts/articles onto this blog. This is my first post hope you all will like it, well lets get started, we all use office(word, excel, powerpoint etc.) and the best to serve our need is MICROSOFT OFFICE. Everything is good with it the interface, all type of tools or options we get with it. The only thing that I think Office lacked was a Tabbed interface, yeah tabbed interface the one which we can see in all the Internet Browser now a days. For every different document we need to launch a new office interface which actually takes lots of our system resources, Just think when we work on different documents how hard that becomes but no worries though we got a third party application to our rescue, it is called OFFICE TAB CENTER. This application allows us to open files in tabbed interface which helps a lot when switching between different documents.


arrow blue right bubble Open, read, edit, and manage multiple Office documents in a single tabbed window.

arrow blue right bubble Minimize the number of windows you open at the same time.

arrow blue right bubble Save and close all Office documents with one click.

arrow blue right bubble Based on Microsoft Office add-in technology.

Here you have to download the enterprise editon then download the key file for the same and follow the instructions given.
Hope you like my post. 
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