Friday, January 18, 2013

Get free skype video call recorder

Hey guys! How are you all? I'm enjoying myself as a blogger, apart from feeling great I'm also worried for new developments in the geek world, you must know what all goes behind our posts, lot time and hard work. Yes its quite challenging to keep you all updated. However finding good articles/applications, testing them and then posting on geekypedia is what we do and like. So as you all will agree with me that SKYPE is the best communication clients for instant messaging, voice and video calling. It has a user friendly UI, 700 million+ registered users, its not a joke.

Today I want to discuss about the 3rd party application add-ons, there are lots of addons available for skype which increases its usability. The app which i want you to know is for windows called free video recorder for skype, by the name anyone can guess its a video recorder for skype calls.

With its help one may record calls in the following modes:- picture-in-picture (the program records audio and video of all sides of the conversation);- only video of other sides;- only audio (all sides).

The user interface is simple to use You don't have to download or install any extra libraries to be able to use the program. You just need to specify the mode you like, choose the output folder and press “Start”. If you don't want to record some moments during the conversation, just click on “Pause”. In order to finish the record select “Stop”.

All video records are saved in mp4 format that is easy to playback on a player.
For audio calls the program creates an mp3 file that is supported by most modern players.


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