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Top 5 free antivirus programs

Antivirus softwaresFree Antivirus softwares to secure your PC.

An antivirus program must be installed in every computer. These programs protect your PC from virus, malware and adware-infections that can degrade the performance of the PC and may result in data loss or hard drive crash. Some of them can expose all your financial information or stop your computer from working at all. Nobody can check the exact damage done by the virus because sometimes spammers and DDOS operators use your system as a platform for their unsavory business. If you have an anti virus installed in your computer, it will give an alert whenever it will find any virus or similar infections and your computer will be save.

Every year a new version of Anti-virus is launched just as if new model of cars comes in every fall. New versions of Anti-virus are capable of removing all types of infections including virus, worm, Trojan, adware, spyware, key logger, dialer, and root kit infections. Here is a list of free Anti Virus programs to protect your computer.
1. AOL Active Virus Shield (AVS)

AOL Active Virus Shield (AVS)
AOL Active Virus Shield (AVS)Free anti-virus protection
Free anti-virus protection for your computer while you surf, email and chat. You will not get much user control that are present in the paid anti-virus but whatever controls are present are more than enough to protect you computer overall. There are no special requirements for the software, so you do not have to worry about any other hardware or software installation.
This free service brought to you by AOL seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft Family of operating systems and is compatible with other PC protection programs. . It works on all the version of Windows including 98/2000/XP/Vista and 7.
It features traditional virus defense combined with latest technology to stop the virus before it can infect your PC. With a size of 39.5 MB, it is free for personal use but if you want to use it commercially, you have to purchase it.
Price: Free
USP: Based on top-rated Kaspersky Anti-virus
Pros: Does not tax system resources and installs and uninstalls very easily
2. AVG

AVGAVG Anti-Virus Free is a full-fledged antivirus and antispyware tool
The program is best described by saying, better performance, easy to use, and faster scans. You can easily sat that this is the best free anti-virus available. The application developed by AVG technologies (previously known as Grisoft) offers a number of features and latest technology to keep your PC protected.
From a number of independent labs, it has decent reviews, even better then commercially available anti-viruses. West Coast Labs and ICSA labs certify it for virus detection, West Coast labs gives a check mark against virus removal as well. From last ten testes done on the program, AVG has received VB100 certification.
The installation hardly takes five minutes including the download and it does not require any advanced computer settings of software. During the installation, it also includes a toolbar for safe search and access to different sites.
AVG has different versions for Microsoft Windows, Linux, MAC, and FreeBSD computing platforms.
Price: Free
USP: Includes Social Networking Protection and Link Scanner
Pros: Pleasing interface, very good at virus detection, excellent removal of malwares
3. Avast

AvastFree Antivirus has fully functioning antivirus and antispyware engines
It is one of the best free anti-virus available that has fully functioning anti-spyware and antivirus engines protecting your computer every threats. Avast completely reduces the risk of the PC being infected by any infections, hence also reduces the risk of losing your data completely. This complete package against virus is completely free for registered home users and non-commercial users.
The new version of Avast does not come with any toolbar or any other additions. The installation process is simple and gives the option of creating a restore point as a safety precaution. For Windows Vista and 7 it can install the Avast Gadget but that is optional, if you don’t want it, you uncheck the option or you can simply remove it once the installation of Avast finishes. Apart from the easy installation, the new version comes with new features that are easy to navigate. The features that come free with this software are only available in the paid ones.
Price: Free
USP: Available for Windows, MAC, and Linux
Pros: Low on resources, powerful, nice interface, user friendly, easy and clean installation process without any additions
4. Comodo

ComodoComodo Antivirus from Comodo Security Solutions is another excellent program
It is a renowned contender in the world of security software. Comodo has a clean and clear interface that shows the status of the program, overview of the security settings, and the date of the last full scan. The software runs a stable and robust engine that can detect any kind of infections whether it is a virus, malware, adware, or Trojan.
The new 2011 version adds many features as cloud-based protection against zero day threats, sandbox mode, trusted publisher firewall (Norton), and spyware scanning.
The installation is very fast, hardly takes a minute to complete. It uses a shell installer which downloads the latest version just before the installation.
Comodo Group Inc based in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA, produces the security software.
Price: Free
USP: Sand Box technology
Pros: Effective protection from infections, Secure DNS option to block unsecured sites and the best advantage-it is free
5. Avira

Avira AntiVir
Avira AntiVirAvira AntiVir Personal works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000
This program does a great job of preventing all the threats and infections from your computer. The German anti-virus was first launched in 1988 with a name of Luke Skywalker. After that, for some reasons the name was changed to Avira.
During the installation, it also includes an Ask toolbar as a promotion of the company. Still this is a top-notch and widely used anti-virus all over the world. It works on all the version of windows including 2000, XP, Vista and 7. The size of the installation file is 30.197 MB and it requires a space of at least 40 MB in the hard disk, 133 MHz processor, and 196 MB Ram (512 MB for Vista or 7).
In AV-Test org tests, the malware detection rate of Avira was 98.9 percent, detection of new malware-52.7 percent and detection of known malwares-45.5 percent.
Price: Free
USP: Quick threat scan engine.
Pros: Quick installation uses less resource, very effective protection against malware and other infections


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