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Top 10 firefox add ons to enhance your browsing experience

Best Firefox add-ons
Best Firefox add-onsBest Firefox add-ons to make browsing easy.
In this world of computers, everyone is bound to use internet for good work productivity. Browsers play an important role in fostering the use of internet. To enhance the internet browsing experience, you can install add-ons in your browsers. ‘Add-ons’ are free software routines or miniature programs that work internally in the Mozilla Firefox browser. It enables you to customize and personalize the browser as per your requirement and convenience. Firefox is an open source browser, which means any independent software developer can easily access its internal coding. This allows developers to write wide range of applications that bring new user friendly features to the browser. All latest Firefox add-ons are available on the Firefox website. Firefox with the user permission itself installs and even updates the user chosen add-ons automatically. Firefox add-ons library is always growing; every now and then enthusiasts uploads add-on for the Firefox user to download. It is not an easy task to choose the required add ons among the many available on Firefox website. However, here we have included some good examples of add-ons like download manager, language translators, PDF downloads, and scrapbook.
Presenting before you, the 10 extraordinary Firefox add-ons that will revolutionize your browsing experience.

1. Adblock Plus
Price: The add-on is available for free to download on internet.

Adblock Plus
Adblock Plussuperb for annoyance free web surfing
Product Description: If you are troubled by adverts and annoyed by banners, then install Adblock Plus to regain the control on your browser. Adblock Plus has been one of the most famous add-ons from the time it is released. It is one of the fairly simpler add-ons, which works to block all the annoying banner, auto playing video ads, scroll preventing take over ads, and the pages that never get downloaded. You can, as well, create your own ad blocking rules for websites. It also has the option of filter exception, whereby it allows you to open the exceptional blocked banners.
The most notable feature is its support of wildcard characters, which works to block banners from similar domain addresses. Adblock also allows you to block specific types of elements like scripts, documents, ads, and many more.
Product USP: Adblock Plus is superb for annoyance free web surfing. It features EasyList, which is the most popular Adblock Plus filter list.
1. This add on effectively kills off the seemingly unblockable popups. It is highly recommended to those who regularly get troubled with adverts and banners.
2. Adblock Plus is especially useful when you regularly browse websites that change their pop up URLs frequently.
2. gTranslate
Price: The add-on is available for free to download on internet.

gTranslatetranslate any text on the webpage
Product Description: With gTranslate, you can easily translate any text on the webpage. All you have to do is select the text on your webpage, right click on it, and you will get your language translate options.
gTranslate add-on extensively uses the Google translation services to translate any kind of text. However, gTranslate is not associated to Google Inc. in any way. gTranslate comes with a feature that automatically identifies the language of the selected text on the webpage. The most notable feature in the gTranslate add-on is that it detects the ‘lang’ attribute of the highlighted text on the webpage (or on the whole site). The gTranslate comes equipped with the option to set the target language to the browser. Install gTranslate and remove the language barrier between you and your international friends.
Product USP: gTranslate is the complete solution for doing any kind of language translation. It is easy to use and translates almost all the known languages in the world. Moreover, this add on is freely available on the internet.
1. It is easy to install, and easy to use.
2. Firefox and all other available browsers fully supports gTranslate add-on.
3. Notable feature like translation caching makes sure that translated pages get cached so that next run would be smooth.
4. It is not just limited to translating the text; the user can even edit the translations manually.
5. User also enjoys the privilege to order professional translations exclusively from your website.
3. Delicious Bookmark

Price: The add-on is available for free to download on internet.

Delicious Bookmark
Delicious Bookmarkaccess your links and tags on any available computer
Product Description: Delicious is no doubt one of the most approved and leading social bookmarking sites. Developed by Yahoo, delicious enables you to bookmark your favorite websites using tags. It actually amalgamates your bookmarks and tags with Firefox and conserves them in sync for convenient access. Delicious add-on with Firefox offers an enhanced browsing experience. The most notable feature of Delicious add-on is that it lets you access your bookmarks from any computer at any given point of time. You can even share your bookmarks with your friends or with anyone who browse the internet. This powerful new add-on lets you instantly access your bookmarks and links that you have saved. This add-on comes with three buttons; Bookmark button, Tag button and Delicious button, which you will find on your Firefox tool bar.
Product USP: Delicious add-on is more than worthy to safeguard your important links and tags. What makes this add-on exclusive from others is that you can access your links and tags on any available computer.
1.It allows you to search and browse required bookmarks or tags with the available search option in the Delicious add-on.
2. It is designed to keep you up to date on your networks and keeps your links for you.
3. You may easily import your existing Firefox bookmarks.
4. Video DownloadHelper
Price: The add-on is available for free to download on internet.

Download Helper
Download Helpercomplete solution to download and store your favorite web cont
Product Description: Without Video DownloadHelper, downloading and converting web videos from hundreds of sites like Youtube, has never been easy. DownloadHelper is a unique tool to extract the web content for personal use. It is designed for the purpose to capture any video or image from any websites. When you are surfing the sites, DownloadHelper automatically detects if there is something to download. If there is something, then an icon will appear on screen. Now, you just have to click the icon to download the required item. For example, you are watching videos on Youtube, you will be able to download the file in your computer hardware. It works with almost all the websites operating on the web space.
Product USP: The DownloadHelper ia complete solution to download and store your favorite web content in your computer hard drives.
1. It allows you to download the web content one by one, so that you can maintain the bandwidth of internet connection for other use.
2. This add-on also features options to change the download preferences, like from automatic download to manual download.
3. DownloadHelper understands your media needs; with simple settings, you can set it to automatically convert the downloaded files into your own preferred video format.
5. Personal Menu (Personal Firefox button)
Price: The add-on is available for free to download on internet.

Personal Menu
Personal Menupersonalize the Firefox button
Product Description: This add on ‘Personal Menu’ enables you to personalize the Firefox button in Firefox. It helps you to personalize your menu to change it to your personal and dynamic one. Personal Menu provides you some new useful items like Bookmark Items, History Items and Restart that you can put into your Firefox. In addition, user can also create a toolbar box (allows you to put toolbar buttons inside), sub and split menus to organize your Firefox menu in your personal way. The custom menu item not only allows you to add priority items like edit, file and view but sub items like add ons and downloads.
Product USP: You can personalize your Firefox Menu to enjoy better browsing experience.
1.The Personal Menu is available in 25 major languages and is widely accepted as a productive add on to personalize your Firefox menu.
2. It is a better and productive way to hide the main menu in Firefox.
6. PDF Download
Price: The add-on is available for free to download on internet.

PDF Download
PDF Downloadconvert any webpage into a high quality PDF file
Product Description: The PDF Download add-on enables you to do whatever you feel like to do with the PDF on the web. Developed by Nitro PDF software, this add-on is the leading tool for creating, viewing, and handling Web based PDF files. It reduces the pain that you can face when you get across a PDF file online. With this, you can view PDF directly in Firefox as HTML.
Product USP: This exclusive PDF Download lets you convert any (unsecured) webpage into a high quality PDF file, making it easier for printing, archiving, and sharing on the web.
1. What more is there to demand - you can view PDF online and convert it into an image for quick viewing on the browser.
2. It allows you to work in your known language; PDF Download is available in 19 languages.
7. Scrapbook
Price: The add-on is available for free to download on internet.

Scrapbooksave web pages and manage the saved data files
Product Description: Scrapbook is a Firefox extension, which is the complete solution to save your web pages and to organize the collection for future reference. Its key features are its lightness, accuracy, speed, and multi language support. Scrapbook is perfect for those who want to keep the details of what they do on web. You just have to download this extension and install it to save your valuable web links and data.
Product USP: Helps you to save web pages and manage the saved data files.
1. You can save both web pages and web sites.
2. It helps you to organize and edit the collected web pages.
3. It enables you to do a quick text search on the required web links.
8. Read it Later

Read it Later
Read it Laterread the saved web pages where there is no internet
Price: The add-on is available for free to download on internet.
Product Description: By using the ‘Read it Later’ add-on for Firefox, you can save web pages to a readable list, which is different from bookmarking. You can access your reading list from any phone or computer whenever you find time. The add-on is convenient to use.
Product USP: Its offline reading mode lets you read the saved web pages when you are travelling or you are in a place where there is no internet connection to access the websites.
1. It allows you to sync your ‘Read it Later’ list to all your computers in your home or office.
2. You can even access your ‘Read it Later’ list on your iPhones, iPads , Android phones, and other various smartphones.
3. Its text view feature automatically strips away images and ads from web pages to present you the file in a better way.
9. Web of Trust
Price: The add-on is available for free to download on internet.

Web of Trust
Web of Truststay safe from unwanted online threats
Product Description: The Web of Trust (WOT) add-on is a safe browsing tool that helps you stay safe from unwanted online threats that breaches the automated security of the computers. The WOT gives safety ratings to search results thus showing you the reputation of the website that you are about to surf. It also allows you to give your ratings to a website to help other web surfers.
Product USP: It is free and easy to use unlike other internet security software programs.
1. The highly appreciable feature about WOT is that it can used on each and every operating system.
2. The WOT can be used on any browser.
3. Its third party trusted sources provide technical security to browse the net.
10. Customize Google
Price: The add-on is available for free to download on internet.

Customize Google
Customize Googleenhance the search experience on Google
Product Description: Customize Google, a Firefox extension amplify the Google search results by adding links to other search engines like Yahoo, MSN, etc. It simultaneously removes unwanted information like ads and spams. All features of Customize Google are optional and can be easily configured. It helps you customize your Google experience in key areas like search and security.
Product USP: It helps you enhance the search experience on Google.
Pros: You are able to track your search in a better way with Customize Google.


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